A Project for Systematic Measurements of the Electromagnetic Radiation

Mobile HERMES service measurements

The map below shows the routes in urban areas of the Mobile HERMES service, where the electromagnetic radiation levels have been recorded. The colors of each route correspond to the measured power flux density (in W/m²) in each position, according to the colormap below the map. You can click on any point of each route on the map to see the measured value of the power flux density.

P.P. Germanou - 25 February 2010

The graph below shows the distribution of the power flux density (in W/m²) versus the distance, as it was measured along the selected route. The horizontal axis shows distinctive marks of the selected route, while the vertical axis shows the values of the power flux density.

In the graph above, the stricter (lower) reference level according to the Greek legislation is only typical, since the level refers to 6-minute average values, while the measured power flux density values corresponds to instantaneous values.

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